•   Neat appearance and good taste
  •   Polo or T-Shirts (no lettering except for sports teams) may be worn
  •   Dress pants, sweat pants or neat jeans may be worn
  •   No ripped clothing
  •   No mini-skirts or low cut tight tops or blouses
  •   No high heels or flip flops
  •   Hats may not be worn
  •   No make-up or nail polish is permitted.
  •   If a student comes to school with inappropriate dress or in violation of the dress code the student will be removed from class and a parent contacted to bring in the uniform.
  •   A student in violation of the dress code will not be permitted to dress down in the future.
    Dress down Code: On designated days authorized by administration, students are permitted to wear appropriate clothes. The following may not be worn: T-Shirts with lettering other than sports teams, ripped or hanging jeans, leggings, stretch pants, miniskirts, low cut tops, high heels, flip flops, hats, make-up.